Monday, June 12, 2006

Bridget Jones' Diary

I debated whether or not to blog about this, but I figured in the interest of "keeping it real" (sorry, I know it sounds trite) I would share. I signed up for a 28 day program on Nutrisystem, as they said that was sufficient to lose the 10 pounds that I've slowly gained, about a pound a year, since 25. I'm generally OK with myself as I'm a 6 or 8 in most clothes but I used to be a 4 or 6, and I decided I'd rather be on the skinnier side of normal than the curvier side of normal that I've gotten to.

So here is my Nutrisystem "stash" that I received today in the mail. I think anyone would definitely lose weight on this if they stuck to the program, as the portions don't look overly large.

And I already know I will not be religious about this if a special occasion comes up, like our anniversary on Wednesday. We're going to Starfish downtown for sushi Saturday night and I will probably just do the "program" in the morning as my friend Patti is coming out for a jewelry design class at Bead Heaven (next door to Knitche in Downers Grove) and we're having a light lunch, then I'm meeting Amanda at the Sweater Wizard demonstration at Wool & Company in the afternoon. But that's OK - if it takes me a little longer than a month, that's fine. No big deal. I do want this to be sustainable, and I have noticed that over the past week of doing 2 Lean Cuisines a day, I've lost 3 pounds even while drinking wine :) Lovely DH has no similar issues with weight despite chowing down on anything that is not still alive - such as this root beer float I saw him scarfing down when I went downstairs to take a picture of the Nutrisystem closet. Life just isn't fair.

Anyway, enough diet content. Here's some knitting content.

I went to the Fair Isle workshop at the Portage Park Center for the Arts on Saturday and learned a lot about fair isle knitting. I finally "got" stranding over three or four stitches as the way Judy taught us was simple and so much easier to understand than the way I was previously taught. I also taught myself how to work with double points, which I was very excited about, after some review of the helpful video on Here is the fruit of my labors - ignore the psychedelic pattern on the goofy yet to be steeked sweater - got thrown off the pattern when I bound off/casted on for the sleeve steeks.

The kind of bad news? I have to do another miniature fair isle sweater (this time in black and white, I would kill myself if I had to use that same green Cascade yarn for another one) by next Saturday for the steeking (cutting, for the uninitiated) part. So I have to "knit like the wind" to quote Brenda Dayne's opening to her podcast to get this sucker done. More like, tear myself away from my gazillion other works in process and focus on getting this done first.

Well that's my story. Talk soon.


Anonymous Peggy said...

Hi Robin,
I know exactly how you feel. Imagine how Karol and I felt living with both Jim and Bob. They could eat anything they wanted and never gain an ounce. Even Bob was thin at that time. If you feel you have to loose weight, take your time, it doesn't matter how long it takes. Love you

6/12/2006 09:19:00 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

I definitely could see that would be frustrating! Also with having Vick as a sister - that would be another tough one. I guess if I look on the positive side, I always eat a lot healthier than Jim does b/c I have to (although I wish he would eat healthier too and he's getting better with time.) It's not that I'm that unhappy with my current self, it's just that I don't want to keep gaining a pound a year on this path. Thanks for the support, Peggy :)

6/12/2006 09:32:00 PM  

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