Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fall 2006 Interweave Knits Trunk Show

Well, I went to Wool and Company for the Interweave Knits trunk show, against my better judgment. I'm just lucky I didn't walk out of there with yarn for two projects instead of just one. Of course the one I bought yarn for is the cashmere one.

I was able to try on the Equinox Yoke pullover and I saw the Breton Jacket and Coral Crossing and the Portland Pullover and even the Annie Modesitt skirt, but when I tried on the Glasgow Lace pullover, I was sold. OK, I tried this on in the 33 1/2" size, which I would be unsure about if I were selecting a size, as my actual measurements are about an inch larger than that. But it fit PERFECTLY. So, I am the proud purchaser of five skeins of Plymouth Royal Cashmere yarn (had to be ordered, of course I'm a geek and had to have the color shown in the magazine, that I tried on.) And let me tell you - I know this sounds arrogant as hell - but that sweater looks WAY better on me than on the ubiquitous "red-haired girl" of IK. I think it must have been too big on her or something - on me it looked perfect though. This sweater needs a little bit of negative ease.

I definitely think that the sample of the fair isle Equinox Yoke pullover on the cover was not the smallest size, but the second to the smallest. Doesn't the trunk show consist of whatever sizes they photographed on the model (as I doubt they have more than one sample, but maybe I'm wrong?) I was wondering why this pullover was too big on me around the neck and shoulders (going down past my shoulders and bagging up around the chest) but now I see that the size shown on the model for that one was the 38" one. Telling me that again, a lot of (positive) ease is not my friend and I should knit the 34" if I decide to go for this one later.


Blogger lorinda said...

That lace cardigan is lovely. Can't wait to see it!

9/30/2006 08:56:00 PM  

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