Friday, June 30, 2006

Nancy's Skirt and Great Friends and Neighbors

I had picked up some Rowan Recycled Chunky (discontinued)yarn at the Have Ewe Any Wool? anniversary sale back in May and decided to make Nancy's Skirt from the Sally Melville third book on color. She used Manos to make it and I decided that this wool was about the same gauge so it should work. I'm pretty happy with the swatching in 2x2 rib although I probably will have to go up a needle size from the 9 that Sally used as the ribbing is pulling in a bit but overall I like it and I think I'll move forward with it.

I'm a little nervous about making a skirt because you never know how big it's going to make you look (LOL), but I think it will be really cute with fall clothes and suede boots. It is a nice shade of chocolate brown and has little flecks of different colors in it, so it should go with just about anything - and I have the perfect chocolate brown knee high suede boots to wear with it. And if it looks bad on me, it'll probably look good on my good friend/next door neighbor Sandy as it seems that she and I exchange clothes quite frequently.

Our most recent exchange was the Rowan Plaid Flood sweater I made (at right) and the Colinette Shimmer 5 sweater she made. She likes things oversized and I just felt like the Flood sweater was wearing me, not the other way around, because I'm a few inches shorter than she is and have a shorter torso. She looks cute in it and always borrowed it over at my house as it is incredibly warm (too warm for me the one time I wore it) and one day said she was thinking she was going to make herself one, exactly the same. I said, just take this one as it looks better on you than me. Pictures are to come, I have to take pics of all my FOs and post them to Flickr.

Same thing happened to her with the Colinette Shimmer 5 sweater - she wanted it to be longer, like a big loose sweater, but it actually came out more like a waist length jacket type cardigan, which actually worked perfect on me when I tried it on. So that's the saga... I never had a sister to share clothes with but it seems I have one now! And a knitting one, no less! Here's to great neighbors - who says we have no sense of community in our neighborhoods anymore?!


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