Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Green Gable and Various Uses for Calmer

I'm back to "blog slackerdom". A lot has been going on lately and it's seemed like a chore to log on and blog. But I have been doing a lot of knitting. Actually finished four of those unfinished projects I previously was talking about, pics to come later, and started working on Green Gable in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Lilac Haze. I need more yarn though, hopefully it arrives by Thursday when I leave for the weekend.

I also have been trying to determine what I want to do with the coral Calmer I have in my stash. I originally thought I would be making Audrey
but I think my swatch (although I've gotten gauge) is too holey looking.

I think I may use this yarn for CeCe instead, in the 3/4 length sleeve version. I could also use it for the Waves strapless tank that was nominated for the Sexy Knitters Club Knitalong, but I've already made one tube top out of it. I decided not to make Tempting II (the pattern that finally won) b/c I hate 1x1 ribbing and also liked it at a smaller gauge (like the 2x2 rib above.)

I've been debating which knitting project to bring with me to our corporate outing in Galena this weekend and can't find the right "mindless wool" project. I think my co-workers would look at me oddly if I was staring at the Debbie Bliss Wish You Were Here book and chanting the lace and bobble pattern to myself as I worked on that jacket (which by the way, I'm on the back of so am about 2/3 of the way through the knitting part - aside from all of the picking up required.) Even though the CeCe is less complicated, I still would need to refer to a chart, which is also not real conducive to conversation and co-worker bonding.

I did pick up 3 balls of Jaeger Trinity for this cable tank top ('Hazel") and the back would probably qualify as mindless non-wool. Seems like all my other projects are along the lines of cables or lace though so they're out.


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