Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lots of Work in Process....

I kept promising pictures but didn't get myself in gear until this morning (and I forgot my camera at home for the Kansas trip so didn't get any pics there - I have some of our family sending them to me though!)

But here's all the work in process...

CeCe - done with the body, about to start the sleeves and am going to try the Magic Loop method for it to avoid weird joins in the middle of the lace pattern - must.get.40".circulars...

72506 003

Green Gable - about ready to be tried on before the sleeves- two more rounds
72506 005

Linen Print pullover - need to finish last bit of seaming
72506 006

Cotton Tape cardigan - need to sew in sleeves (not shown - was thinking of leaving as a long vest - what do you all think?)
72506 009

Plaid vest for Uncle Frank's Christmas gift - have the back done, need to finish the front
72506 004

My two felting projects that I finally felted - purse and tulip - need to sew on the strap for the purse and get the wire into the flower/sew petals together
72506 011

And our french doors (in process) - it's a little disconcerting to see your house completely open to the elements so I had to take a "before" pic! They're installed now, but I'll wait for the after pic until we get our hardwood floors in.
72506 001


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