Friday, July 21, 2006

We're Not in Kansas Anymore (or Yet)

We're leaving this morning for Jim's great-aunt's 100th birthday party/family reunion in Kansas. Should be fun- the last time we were there was ten years ago for her 90th! We've seen some of the people in the meantime at weddings, holidays, etc. but some we haven't seen in the full ten years.

We'll be flying into Kansas City, like a 50 minute flight, then driving south for two hours to Pittsburg, Kansas, a small town in the southeast sector of the state. I'm bringing snacks with me, as they don't really eat out too much there - "Chicken Annie" and "Chicken Mary" (fried chicken catering places that are advertised everywhere on their billboards) and Pizza Hut are pretty much it.

On the drive down, we'll also make a stop in Lawrence to hit the Yarn Barn of Kansas, as I went to their booth last year at Stitches Midwest (which I'll be attending again this year!) and bought some good stuff. I'll be back on Sunday, hopefully with some pictures!


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