Monday, August 14, 2006

A Case of the Mondays...

Remember in the movie Office Space where they are talking about the obnoxious corporate restaurant guy saying "Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays" in whiny sort of voice? Well, I think I have that today. I just felt "blah" coming into work today and wanted to snap out of it, so I started thinking of good things that offset (and actually outweigh) the blahs. Here's my list - I actually feel better from this silly little exercise!

coming into work
cell phone's not fully working
not having blogged my addl SM purchases or Fos
being 2.5 lbs more than my lowest point
drinking too much wine over the weekend
how much I spent at the SM market


Pete's gone (PITA houseguest for last three weeks)
all my finished objects over the weekend
blogging about them later all at one time when Jim can take pics of me in them
knowing I'll be down at least 1.5 lbs in the next few days (was there Friday)
having fun over the weekend
SM purchases
saving money by deciding not to try Botox and Restylane yet
new hair color
figuring out that spray tanning works for me fine so I can stop UV tanning
my new retin-A product, Tazarac as it is really clearing up my skin

I had done this originally side by side but I'm an HTML "dummy" so don't know how to format it as a table in here. But the important thing is, I feel better. If you're feeling blah this morning, take a few minutes to try doing this. It worked for me!


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