Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Knit-Geek Questionnaire

Got this one from Kate's blog (which is great by the way - check it out!) You can also get the template there to answer it yourself!

1. What's your worst habit relating to your knitting?

Putting off the finishing and starting too many new projects. I have been trying to do more projects in the round to eliminate/reduce the finishing required and have just joined a new blog “Two Steps Forward, One Back” where we try to finish two projects before casting on for a new one.

2. In what specific ways does your knitting make you a better person?

It makes me calmer and more patient. If I have to wait for something, like getting my car washed or for an appointment at my salon, etc. I always have something to do, which is essential for me.

3. How might you or your life be different if you were suddenly unable to knit?

I think I would be a lot more stressed out and/or I would need to find something to take its place. I’d probably be going to the driving range a lot more to practice golf, and drinking, shopping, eating more.

4. If money were no object, what one yarn, and what one tool or gadget would you run out and buy first?

I know I would buy a knitting machine, but I’m not sure yet what kind as I haven’t allowed myself to research them yet. I am allowing myself to look into this after I get through year end at work next year as a little present to myself. As far as yarns – I’m not sure – I pretty much buy whatever yarns I want right now (herein lies the problem.)

5. What knitting technique or project type are you most afraid of (if any)? What, specifically, do you fear will happen when you try it?

Intarsia. Holes all over, taking too long and three million ends to weave in.

6. Who is/are your knitting hero(es), and why?

I would have to say Stephanie Pearl-McPhee as she has been able to voice many of the things that we often feel or think as knitters and does so in such a funny way.

7. Do you consider knitting, for you personally, a mostly social activity, or a mostly solitary activity?

I would say the actual knitting itself is more solitary for me, as I don’t really like the mindless types of projects that I have to do if I’m trying to talk and knit at the same time. I could never do scarves all the time or sweaters that say “continue in stockinette stitch for 12 inches” as I would be bored stiff. However, it is very social from the standpoint of the online community and knitting blogs/boards – I’ve never felt like I had so many resources to turn to for any other activity!

8. Is there a particular regional tradition in knitting that you feel strongly drawn toward (e.g., Fair Isle, Scandinavian, Celtic, Orenburg lace)? Any theories as to why it calls to you?

Not really. I’m more interested in style and knitting items that fit me well and flatter my shape than focusing on creating “knitting masterpieces” for their own sake.

9. If you were a yarn, which yarn would you be


10. Some statistics:

(a) How many years have passed since you FIRST learned to knit?
1 ¾! Learned in January 2005.

(b) How many total years have you been actively, regularly knitting (i.e., they don't have to have been in a row)?

Again, 1 ¾.

(c) how many people have you taught to knit?


(d) Roughly what percentage of your FOs do you give away (to anyone besides yourself, i.e., including your immediate family)

Not totally sure I’m interpreting this question right – but about 5% of my knitting is baby gifts for people that aren’t related to me at all. About another 25% is for my husband’s aunt, uncle, mom, dad, cousins and their kids for Christmas. Immediate family would just be my husband, and all he’s gotten so far is a scarf. I haven’t gotten around to any charity knitting yet.

11. How often do you KIP (knit in public)? i.e., once a week, once a month, etc. Where do you do it?

Not often – but when I do it’s in the summertime outside at a beer garden or outdoor restaurant area.

12. If a genie granted you one hour to stitch-n-bitch with any one knitter, living or dead, who would you choose and why?

Probably Stephanie Pearl-McPhee because she seems like such a fun person from the one book signing I attended.

13. What aspect or task in knitting makes you most impatient?

In a word, finishing.

14. What is it about knitting that never lets you get bored with it?

The possibilities….the patterns. Being more of a fashion-oriented knitter, I am strictly someone who falls in love with patterns then finds a yarn (or usually uses the yarn called for to exactly duplicate the results) rather than the other way around.

15. Describe how and where you most often do your knitting - where do you sit, what is going on around you, what tools do you use and how are they (dis)organized?

I’m usually in my knitting room/office – sitting on my round “cuddle lounge” either with or without my cats. Jim is stopping up from time to time to say hi and ask me if I need anything. I’m either watching TV or a movie - or more often listening to an audiobook or music. It’s definitely not the most organized place I’ve ever seen, despite my half-hearted on-off again efforts. Tools – I have a ballwinder and swift, all kinds of row counters for my multiple projects and am usually using addi turbo needles.

16. Which one person is the recipient of more of your knitting than any other?

It’s pretty even among Jim’s family members.

17. What's the oddest thing about your knitting, or yourself as a knitter?

The way I knit – I “throw” the yarn like American style knitting, but I do so with my left hand instead of the right.

18. What do you see yourself knitting - if anything - twenty years from now

???? The sky’s the limit, really.

19. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could have only ONE SKEIN of yarn, which yarn would it be and what would you do with it?

??? Something really soft that I could pet, like angora or silk. Or a huge skein of something sturdy like Cascade Ecological Wool that I could reknit into different things over and over again.

20. If you were allowed to own only one knitting-related book, which would it be? (you'd be free to browse others, but you couldn't keep them)

??? I can’t really say. I like lots of books for different reasons, but there’s not just one book I keep returning to.

21. Is knitting the new yoga? Why or why not?

It is for me – the relaxation and de-stressing aspects remind me a lot of yoga. It can be difficult at times, similar to a difficult yoga pose, but the results are worth it in the end.

22. What important thing are you trying to put off doing whenever you knit?"

Nothing usually.


Anonymous Phyl said...

Love this questionnaire! I can't wait to fill in my answers. It was so fun to read yours.

8/29/2006 09:26:00 AM  
Blogger Bonne Marie said...

I'm with you - take away the knitting and I'd be one stressed out chica! Just covered in Hives/vodka/guacamole...

I've got to try this questionaire - it is compelling!

8/30/2006 06:58:00 PM  

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