Friday, August 25, 2006

Margery's Toast, GG is Saved from the Froggie Pond

Well, tonight I took a look at two of my other projects with a hard eye toward whether I could salvage them or not.

One of them was a casualty - "Margery" in Silky Wool. It was supposed to look like this

but it really looked bad in the light celery green color I picked for it - I had about 1/3 of the front done, so no big deal. I might attempt it again in the medium olivey-green or rust colors of Silky Wool that I have, or maybe in a different yarn altogether. I think that the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool is nice to work with and has an elegant drape to it, but it looks bad in reverse stockinette in a light color - almost like it looks scratchy or something, even though it's not. So that one has been ripped out after a few Corona Lights.

The Green Gable that I started last month, on the other hand, is salvageable and I actually don't even think it needs any fixing. I joined the Green Gable Knitalong a few weeks ago, hearing about how so many people had problems with the sizing, and mine looked really big on the needles so I thought I had the same problem. Surprise! I put it on waste yarn and I think it's actually OK. I wrote about it here

but here's a picture of it. I think it looks OK, except for the fact that I think I put it on a little crooked. Excuse the way I look - that's what I look like when I'm staying home and I don't think I'll be seeing anyone. Eeek.

82506 001


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