Saturday, September 09, 2006

2 Bad Projects Killed, and Progress Pic of SKB

Here's my Simple Knitted Bodice - just finished the lace section and have four more rows to go on the purl ridges....yay!

9906 004

And I killed my Green Gable - a few ppl on the KAL confirmed that yes, it is in fact crooked. I suspected I had messed up the increases way back and must have fixed them on the wrong side, but wasn't going to frog until the split/twisted stitches way down that rapidly turned into a trainwreck. As my friend Patti would say, "I've repurposed the wool." Wool being used there in the generic sense as I know Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece is only 20% wool.
9906 001

Also killed my MIL's vest - I emailed her first to let her know it just wasn't working out. It is (was) knitting up to the correct finished measurements, as I'd gotten gauge, but those finished measurements are just going to be too crazy on her. She's not a large lady by any stretch and this thing was just going to swim on her. I hadn't gotten too far into it so I just decided to cut my losses.
9906 002

So RIP GG and Classic Garter Stitch Vest. I may make another GG with the yarn (next year, when I've mustered up the energy to go over that pattern and write in all the stitch counts and draw an actual schematic) but the Karabella Aurora Melange is definitely being repurposed and is back in my stash. Luckily it was only one ball that I worked with so far.


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