Thursday, August 31, 2006

What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Exciting Things to Come!

Here's my post on the UFO August blog regarding my progress for the month - overall I'm very happy with everything I completed. I am more than ready to move on though. Lots of things that I want to start, but I am going to stick to the "finish 2, start 1" rule that Jeanie (of UFO August) uses as I think that will avoid the backlog.

Yesterday I swatched two of the new Elann newsletter yarns and I like their mohair/wool blend that they're offering on sale in the middle of September, but probably won't buy it.

Here's my new "wish list" of projects to start - some I have to do as they're Christmas gifts and others I just want to do.

I think my new rule for work in process (besides the ones that are currently in process, which are "grandfathered in" in my mind) is going to be that I allow myself to have one project for myself going, one gift project, and one webcast project (mindless knitting for the CPE webcasts I watch at work.) I saw other people's ideas for this and their lists were similar except they added small gift projects or socks to the list. I don't knit socks (yet) so I can't very well have that criteria, and most of my gift projects are sweaters, not anything small like scarves or hats. Ideally, the WIP would include different needle sizes to give my hands a break.

I'm very happy with "what I did on my summer vacation"! I started a blog, lost 7 pounds and kept it off, finished a lot of projects, "met" some great fellow bloggers, took golf lessons and played my first nine holes last Sunday (found out I am great at chipping - now need to get the speed going when teeing off). I look forward to continuing with the lessons/practice indoors this winter, going to my new gym that opened Tuesday of this week, working on my new projects including my very first KAL, starting my new online class that I'm taking this time instead of teaching, starting my new Marketing class in the MBA program and attending the Sewing Expo in St. Charles in October for the first time. Lots of exciting stuff happening.


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