Monday, August 14, 2006

My Weekend Progress on UFO August

If you read the UFO August blog, just ignore this post. But I thought I would post here for those who are interested. I finally had some progress over the weekend on my unfinished projects, and knocked three out with progress on some others.

81406 004

First item - Linen Print Pullover. This one came out looking more sheer in the photo than I thought it would be, so you can see my cami right through it in the pic below so I thought I would also show it on a hanger. Not crazy about this one.

81406 003

Item #2 - Fetching. Picked up the thumbs and I love it! This was the first time I tried fingerless gloves and it wasn't that hard. I even used the Magic Loop method for the thumbs and it was very do-able.

81406 001

#11 from my list - sew strap onto felted purse - Done!
81406 005

And a progress pic from #3 - Louisa Harding tank. I did one strap/armhole pickup and it came out pretty well! Not hard, just tedious and took a long time, so I see why I've been putting it off.

81406 006


Blogger Lynda said...

Found you on the UFO website - you're really making great strides!! Good job - and great sweater!

8/15/2006 11:52:00 AM  

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